Aim & Scope

The focus of Journal of Cereal Research (JCR) internationally covers all the major disciplines of plant breeding, agronomy, pathology, biotechnology, quality, and basic sciences etc. of cereal crops.

Following types of articles are considered for publication on meeting the style and requirements of the journal:

Articles on original research, not exceeding 4000 words (up to 15 typed pages, including references, Tables, etc. )should be exclusive for the journal. They should present a connected picture of the investigation and should not be split into parts. Complete information of Ph D thesis should preferably be given in 1 article.

Short research notes, not more than 1300 words (total 5 typed pages), which deal with (i) research results that are complete but do not warrant comprehensive treatment, (ii) description of new materials or improved techniques or equipment, with supporting data. and (iii) a part of thesis or study. Such notes require no headed sections.

Critical research review articles, showing lacunae in research and suggesting possible lines of future work. These are mostly invited from eminent scientists. The research article or note submitted for publication should have a direct bearing on cereal research or open up new grounds for productive research. The basic type of articles and notes relating to the investigation in a narrowly specialized branch of cereals may also be considered for publication in the journal.