Prof. Mahatim Singh Memorial Awardee 2020


Dr. Mamrutha HM, Scientist (Plant Physiology), ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Karnal, is awarded “Prof Mahatim Singh Memorial Award -2020” for her significant contribution in wheat research.Dr. Mamrutha obtained her B.Sc.(Agri), M.Sc and Ph.D in Crop Physiology from the University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru. She contributed significantly in identification of genotypes, physiological traits and novel molecular markers associated with drought, high temperature stress tolerance and photosynthesis in wheat. Cloned and submitted WIN1 and NHX2 wheat gene sequences to NCBI data base. Developed a genotype independent and highly reproducible regeneration and Agrobacterium transformation system in Indian wheat genotypes for quick development of transgenic and genome edited wheat plants. Dr.Mamrutha has been associated in development of three wheat varieties viz., DBW173, DBW187, DBW222 for north west and north east plain zones of India and four novel wheat genetic stocks DBW EMS-98, DBW150, QLD84 and RWP 2014-18 for photosynthesis, heat stress tolerance, soft wheat grain quality and for short duration respectively . Under AICRP on wheat and barley programme, she is actively coordinating physiology trials and nursery conduction across India.She has been asociated in establishment of novel phenomics facility, climate controlled green house facility, tissue culture and Plant Physiology laboratory facilities. Associated as PI/Co-PI in international projects in collaboration with CIMMYT, BBSRC and CSIRO, Australia. Published more than 25 research articles in reputed national and international journals, besides many book chapters, popular articles and conference proceedings. She guided 2 Ph.D. 2 M.Sc. and M.Tech.students along with one ARS-PAT training scientist.

Dr.Mamrutha, has been awarded with prestigious RD Asana gold medal award from Indian society of Plant Physiology and ICAR-IIWBR best field scientist award during 2015. Received best oral presentation award and three international travel fellowship including wheat initiative and  IUBMB international travel fellowship award. Visited Italy, Germany, Mexico and Bangladesh for different scientific meetings along with a training at Purdue University, USA.