Volume 14 (Spl Issue 2) : 2022

Research Articles
1.Root characterization and Identification of drought tolerant dicoccum wheat germplasm lines using Stress tolerance Index (STI)
Sharada Halehundi Bellegowda, Uday Govidareddy, Priyanka Krishnareddy, Gopalareddy Krishnappa and Shamarao Jagirdhar

2.Carbon footprints of rice-wheat cultivation across farm size categories: Evidence from Punjab in India
Sangeet Ranguwal, Baljinder Kaur Sidana and Sunny Kumar

3.Estimation of crop water requirement and irrigation scheduling of rice in Shivamogga district of Karnataka using FAO CROPWAT
Suprava Nath, N Devakumar, Sitanshu Sekhar Patra and Abhishek Nanda

4.Relative effectiveness of alpha lattice design and randomized complete block design in oats breeding experiment
Sanjay Kumar Sanadya, Vinod Kumar Sood, Sawan Kumar and Gaurav Sharma

5.Impact of priming and storage containers on enzyme activities of naturally aged seeds of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Siddu Appasaheb Kurubar, Axay Bhuker and Sukham Madaan

Short Communication
6.Effect of nutrients omission on yield, nutrient uptake and economics of rabi sorghum in vertisols under rainfed and irrigated conditions
Mohammed Azharuddin BR, Bandiwaddar TT and Shaila HM

7.An approach to climate resilient agriculture farming system using rice landraces collected from Tamil Nadu
Ashok Subiramaniyam, Sarankumar Chandran, Kuttimani Ramalingam and Senthil Alagarswami

8.Differential response of wheat cultivars to grain damage by Rice Weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Rohit Kumar, Surender Singh Yadav, Sunita Yadav, Puneet Ranga, Harish Kumar and Vikram Singh

9.Effect of dolomite and calcite on growth, yield and economics of rice in strongly acidic soils of Kanyakumari district
M. David Israel Mansingh and S. Suresh

10.Evaluating the effect of bio-fertilizers in mitigating GHGs in puddled rice (Oryza sativa. L)
Chelvi Ramessh, R Durai Singh, P Kannan and R Surya

11.Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrychidae): Studies on screening techniques of wheat genotypes/varieties for resistance
Syed Mohamed Ibrahim S, Chaudhary F K, Prithiv Raj V and Rajasehwaran B

12.Canopy temperature in Sorghum under drought stress: Influence of gas-exchange parameters
Brahmesh Reddy BR, Kiran BO, Somanagouda B Patil and Ashvathama VH